Why You Have To Buy Instagram Followers To Increase Your Influence

Oct. 24, 2020

Why You Have To Buy Instagram Followers To Increase Your Influence

Why You Have To Buy Instagram Followers To Increase Your Influence

Since Instagram implemented the most recent iteration of its algorithm, it's become increasingly difficult for brands and influencers to amass followers, likes, and views. 

Each month, more than one billion Instagram accounts are active, and 90% of users follow at least one business. Despite that fact, it can be hard to get traction in the new environment of this powerful social media platform.

However, it's possible to give your account the boost it needs if you buy Instagram followers — just make sure you buy the right ones.

If you understand the new algorithm, the importance of followers, and how to get them, you can still crack the Instagram code — so to speak.


What's Up With Instagram’s New Algorithm?

In 2019, Instagram shook things up by rolling out a major change to its algorithm. Among other changes, it affects the order in which posts are seen by users as they scroll through their feed.

Incorporating a mix of various signals, the new algorithm serves up content to users based on their behavior on the social media platform. 

There are three primary factors that impact the ranking of content in a user's feed:

Time: Though users' Instagram feeds are no longer chronological, timeliness is still important. The best estimates at publication put the halflife of an Instagram post at about 19 hours.

Past interactions: The more a user interacts with your brand's content, the more likely they are to see what you post in the future. This is one of the many reasons you want to buy active Instagram followers and likes from accounts that are genuinely interested in your content.

Interactions with similar content: When a user interacts with accounts or content similar to yours, it’s more likely that they will be introduced to your content or brand.

The new algorithm was designed, in part, to create a better user experience. The platform wanted to decrease the influence of brands that were buying ghosts and bot Instagram followers and likes. 

However, you are still able to significantly increase your influence and reach on the platform by purchasing likes. You just need to be more specific and thought about what kind of Instagram likes, followers, and views you’re buying for your account and content. 

When you buy a large, active following it acts as social proof, giving your account additional momentum. On Instagram, social proof means that other people start following your account because they assume what you have to offer is good, based on the thousands of other people who have liked or followed you.


Why Influencers and Businesses Love Instagram

Businesses and influencers have gone all-in on Instagram for a number of reasons. Not only does the platform rely on videos and images (which are great for branding) — its users are open to engaging with brands and making purchases.

While 60% of users have indicated that they have discovered a new product on the social media platform, 11% of social media users in the United States actually shop on Instagram.

Instagram is a robust, rapidly growing platform through which users happily engage with brands and Instagram influencers. This creates opportunities to generate meaningful revenue through the platform. 

When influencers reach the top of the earning charts, they are able to make as much as $18,000 per sponsored post. Of course, to generate that level of income through an Instagram account, you need likes, views, and followers — so many followers.


Why You Need Likes and Followers on Instagram

If you don't have any followers and don't have anyone liking your posts on Instagram, you need to take a long, hard look at your marketing team (or the mirror) and ask yourself why you're on Instagram.

Even with the changes to the algorithm, Instagram is still all about the followers, views, and likes. 

As Jia Wertz, the founder of Studio 15, explains, "The number of likes and followers on Instagram has become not only a popularity contest but currency in the influencer and retail world."

Kelly Ann Collins, CEO of Vault Lab, concurs:

"For influencers, rates for co-branded partnerships (featuring a product in social media posts, doing a live-stream or attending an event) are currently based on the number of followers, combined with engagement, reach. and demographics," Collins told Forbes. 

Basically, at the end of the day, for your Instagram account to have a positive impact on your brand (and bottom line), you need followers, views, and likes.


You Can Buy Instagram Followers

Though you can buy Instagram followers, not all paid-for followers are equal. Unfortunately, many companies will sell you ghost or bot accounts. Follows from such accounts do nothing for you — besides bloat your numbers.

StormyLikes is not one of those companies. Our team is passionate about helping you take your account to the next level by providing you a following of active users within the community.

Of course, there are pros and cons to buying Instagram followers. But, let's be honest — the pros vastly outweigh the cons.

When you buy high-quality Instagram followers and likes, you are giving your account a jump start. You’re boosting your account's visibility, creating credibility, and targeting the audiences that matter most to your brand. 

You're also making a cost-effective choice. When you buy Instagram followers through StormyLikes, it only costs about $7 per 500 followers. This is just a fraction of the amount of money (and time) it takes to create organic content that attracts the same number of followers.

When you buy Instagram followers the downside is that you’re choosing a number-driven strategy. That means it doesn't necessarily help with real engagement. However, it can give you the bump necessary to start attracting the sort of followers who will be commenting and engaging with your content — followers attract followers.

The other major issue with buying Instagram followers is that it can make it harder to track your metrics. This is because it’s difficult to differentiate between organic and paid-for followers.

Despite these drawbacks, when you buy targeted followers and likes on Instagram, you're giving your Instagram account a chance to break through the noise and catch the attention of followers who matter.


Final Thoughts: Buy Instagram Followers to Increase Your Social Media Influence

You need to be careful when you buy Instagram followers and Instagram likes. Buying bot and ghost followers can be detrimental to your account — it can lead to thousands of your followers (bots) being deleted.

However, when you buy Instagram followers from trusted companies, such as StormyLikes, you are able to reap the benefits of social proof and quickly grow your account into a profitable, influential arm of your marketing strategy.

Give your Instagram account a step up and buy high-quality Instagram followers today.

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