Why It Is Okay If People Unfollow You On Instagram

Oct. 24, 2020

Why It Is Okay If People Unfollow You On Instagram

Why It Is Okay If People Unfollow You On Instagram

You have spent a significant amount of time and effort to share something that you value, but you end up losing people in your follower count anyway. This is something significant to business accounts since Instagram is the platform that they use to market their product or service. For personal accounts, one might contemplate themselves for reasons why such a thing is happening to their account.

When people unfollow your Instagram account, it creates a certain impact on the owner. One can sulk in the drop in followers, or use it as an opportunity to learn more about themselves and the people who follow, or in this case, unfollowed them. Indeed, you cannot please everyone, and that’s okay. When, however, the number of your followers drop significantly, you should be alarmed.

Followers” can be the highlight of our day and the sad tears of our lonely nights. we love our followers, but we don’t let the number of followers we have to rule our lives businesses.

Feeling confused? Expecting to hear the opposite? General advice tells us owning a ton of followers means we’re popular and successful. We have also been taught to get worried if someone unfollows us, after all, we should be doing something wrong if someone is no longer interested in seeing our posts on Instagram or other social media platforms.


Why It’s Fine If Someone Unfollows You On Instagram?

Often when newbies start on Instagram or someone who hasn’t decided on their focus for their page, they post any and everything. Posting irregularly and posting everything is fine if you have a personal Instagram account but if you’re using Instagram as a business tool, it’s a no-no.

When you’ve narrowed your focus, this can cause a few users to unfollow you.

Maybe your recent focus isn’t for them! When you were posting all things, perhaps you were posting some random memes, but now that you are dedicated to publishing data related to your business, it has zero interest to some followers.

That’s a good thing! I’d rather have followers who are interested in my niche.


They are playing the ‘follow-unfollow game’

Sometimes your followers have only followed you in the hopes of getting follow-backs. I always go through my followers and view their posts because you never know when something might be of interest. Still, I don’t feel forced to follow someone just because they followed me on Instagram.

There is no rule saying you Must Follow Every user that Follows You. The follow-unfollow game is something I do not play, and if I lose someone because I didn’t do what they expected and follow them back, then I’m somehow grateful.


You can now focus on your target audience

You are sending out your Instagram posts to thousands of followers, and it’s falling on blind screens. That doesn’t translate to users coming to you for value and information, people using your services or products. It’s a waste of time and energy.

I would rather have my valuable content to reach my target audience. So if someone unfollows me, I don’t sweat it. I remind myself that I’m reaching the audience I’m targeting.

Guys, I’m feeling this topic so much that I’m writing a BONUS reason why it’s fine if someone unfollows you on Instagram:


Sometimes, they just want to move on

Some users will follow you because your content was related to who they were before at a specific time. I have been guilty of following accounts because they had a pretty photo or maybe I was enjoying their memes. Whatever the reason is, I scroll through my feed from time to time and unfollow Instagram accounts that aren’t relevant to me anymore. Maybe it is time to move on.

I’m sure you have done it too! If you can move on from an Instagram account, then others have the same right to move on from yours.