How to increase Instagram engagement?

June 1, 2022

How to increase Instagram engagement?

What is the rate of interaction or participation rate or Instagram engagement? How to calculate Instagram engagement rate? What are the factors that increase Instagram engagement? In this article, we want to answer such questions.

What is Instagram Engagement?

Instagram is a type of social network whose algorithms are based on the amount of interaction or participation or Engagement of users. In fact, what makes your content look appealing to the Instagram platform not just the number of followers you have, but their Engagement in the content you put on your page is important too. Therefore, Instagram Engagement Rate can be considered as a combination of the following:

-Number of likes

-Number of comments

-The amount of sharing your content with others

If your account has a good combination of the above factors, your content will look attractive on Instagram, increase Instagram engagement and expose it organically to more users; For example, it displays it in the explore section, or in one of the most popular posts related to a hashtag. Advertising companies usually define an indicator called Instagram engagement rate according to this concept, which is calculated as follows:

(Number of likes) + (number of comments)Number of followers



This number is a measure of how attractive different content is to users. This indicator is also very important in influencer marketing. In fact, people who want to order Instagram ads or influencer marketing, use this index as a measure of the success of campaigns.

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How to increase Instagram engagement rate?

1- Content

The quality of content production on Instagram is the most important and determining factor in attracting user engagement with you. Your content should be interesting and informative to your followers, especially if you are a brand. Note you can buy Instagram comment for your content to increase interaction with others.

Attracting videos are one of the best forms of content that grab users' attention and make them interact so increase Instagram engagement rate.

The best way to find out what content is most appealing to your followers is looking at the insights in your account. In this section, you can see which posts interact the most and continue to produce content that way.

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2- Content posting time

Other information provided by the Instagram Analytics section is the days and hours that your content has been viewed the most. For better results, watch this section regularly and try to leave your posts when your followers are most active on Instagram.

3- Invite users to interact (post comments, etc.)

One of the strategies used by Instagram influencers is inviting users to interact. As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, the number of comments per post is one of the parameters that determine the rate of Instagram engagement. So buy Instagram follower and buy Instagram comments are efficient.

4-Use all the features of the Instagram platform

Instagram is constantly inventing new ways to attract an audience. Stay tuned for new features and use them. Post a story and use the features that Instagram provides such as questions, quizzes, polls, stickers and hashtags in your stories. Finally, most people turn to Instagram for fun, and your content should be useful as well as attractive and entertaining.

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5-Collaborate with similar people and pages

One of the best ways to increase Instagram engagement is tagging your page with similar pages. Collaborate on similar pages, share content, or share posts with your followers.

Interact with users and influence on increase Instagram engagement

Users who message you or comment on your posts are attracted to your content and take the time to write their comments. They expect you to respond, and if they do not so, they probably will not do it again. Reply to comments and messages as much as you can to form a conversation.

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The end word

Today Being on Instagram has become a necessity for most businesses. Audiences spend a lot of time on Instagram and choose and even buy products through this social network. But perhaps it is the presence and quality of content production that play a key role in the success of businesses in this area. The points mentioned in this article are ideas to increase user interaction with you on social networks.