How to Promote a Business on Instagram

Oct. 24, 2020

How to Promote a Business on Instagram

How to Promote a Business on Instagram

As we all know, Instagram nowadays is the most popular and the most used social media platform. Either you are using it just as a hobby or with a purpose, for example, to promote your business, Instagram is a part of your everyday life, and you can not deny it.

The importance of your Instagram account would rise when you own an Instagram business account that you are using to promote your business, a brand, or even a product. This way, you are using Instagram with a purpose. The purpose to grow your business and get more people to know it and to make it more successful. This highly depends on the engagement you get through your Instagram business account since engagement is the key to success and becoming popular on Instagram.


Do I need an Instagram business page?

This question has surely come up to your mind that “If I want to promote my business on Instagram, do I have to switch to a business account?”. The answer is definitely YES!

There are currently more than 25 million business accounts on Instagram. If you aim to promote a business on Instagram, the first thing you need to do is surely to have an Instagram account and switch it to a business account from a personal one. Instagram business accounts have some great benefits for your business, which a personal Instagram account cannot provide. Below are some of the advantages of switching to an Instagram business account:


You can see your Instagram Insights

Instagram insight is the best feature of an Instagram business account that would provide for you. Instagram insights is an in-app analytics tool that Instagram would make you able to access only if you have a business account on Instagram.

The Instagram insights would provide so many useful information and analytics on your followers, posts, and stories, which can be very handy when trying to grow your business on Instagram.

You can promote your Instagram posts and Instagram ads

Instagram ads are much like Facebook ads, so It has one of the most powerful advertising tools with which you can run an ad and then track your campaigns later.

After you switched to a business account, you can promote your Instagram posts to get more reach and engagement, and as it is reported by the users who have done Instagram promotions for their businesses, it has a great result and leads to a rise in the account’s engagement. 


You’ll get the contact button

One of the other great features you’ll gain access to, after switching to a business account, is the contact button near the top of your Instagram account. You can add your phone number or email address and also directions in the contact button.


Add Links on Instagram Stories

I’m sure you have always wanted to add links to your Instagram stories since it would be awesome if you could redirect your followers directly from your Instagram stories. It has now happened, and as soon as a business account reaches 10k followers, they can share links on their stories.


How to promote your business on Instagram?

Now that we know how switching to an Instagram business account can help us in growing our business, it’s time that we talk a bit about the steps you need to take to promote your business on Instagram. There are several ways to consider and apply for your Instagram business growth, and here are the most effective ways to promote a business on Instagram:


Using relevant hashtags

Using hashtags Is the key to more reach on Instagram because when you choose hashtags for your Instagram posts and use them in the captions, you are exposing that post to all the people who search that hashtag. Your post will show up to every person who searches those hashtags, and they are 100% interested in the subject since they searched it up.


Show what you do in a creative way

You need to introduce the service or product you offer, to your Instagram followers so that they can get to know your business more. And for the people who already know your brand/business, you need to make it more tangible and interesting, so they’d become a customer and interested in your business.

Customers are always curious to know where their products come from or what is the origin of a business and what is going on in the company and all that so just take them behind the scenes of what your business does and how it is done using Instagram stories, live or even IGTV. You’ll see a great reaction and a huge increase in your engagement.


Engage and interact

To be seen more by the relevant people of your niche and to be noticed by the accounts who might be interested in similar businesses as yours, you need to maintain a good and consistent interaction. You have to search for your desired hashtag, which is also among the hashtags you choose for your posts, and try interacting with the people who use those hashtags. Keep liking their posts, follow them, and leave comments for them.

When you engage with accounts, you make them engage with you as well so they’ll pay a visit to your profile and if they find your content useful and interesting they’ll follow you and after some times which you provide them with good information and posts about your business, they’d become a fan or a customer.


Use Influencer marketing (You might need to pay)

Another great way to promote your business on Instagram is to get an influencer to promote your business, brand, or product. Influencer marketing is a very popular and common way of marketing on Instagram these days, which so many businesses use to grow their business and to reach more people.

You can choose an influencer that has the nearest niche to your business. For example, if you run a fashion business, then a model would be your best option for influencer marketing. It is an effective way to promote your business on Instagram and brings a lot of followers and engagement to your account quickly, and in return, you surely have to spend some dollars.


Post good content and have a specific theme

Posting good content such as high-quality photos and videos is one of the most important things you need to consider while trying to promote your business on a platform like Instagram which its users care a lo about visuals what they see.

Try to post interesting videos and pictures of the things your business offer and make appealing videos which would be interesting to watch and remember to make it a bit funny. People love things that can bring a smile to their faces. And also you need to maintain a theme which is not boring. You can not only keep posting your products and services your business offers; you need sometimes to vary the content you share.

Try to have a contest or have giveaways once in a while to keep your followers happy. Once in a week post a motivational quote or a funny picture or video, but remember they need to be related to your content and not completely out of the subject because that would be awkward!



If you aim to grow your business using Instagram, you have made a wise decision since Instagram is a great platform for marketing businesses and already a lot of businesses are active on Instagram and trying to promote their products and services. You only have to apply the tips above and after sometimes you will see a great rise in your business success.  

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