How To Grow Any Type Of Accounts On Instagram

Oct. 24, 2020

How To Grow Any Type Of Accounts On Instagram

How To Grow Any Type Of Accounts On Instagram

Are you wondering how to become popular on Instagram? It is a question that many new Instagram users ask themselves after they create an account for the first time. You might have dreams of becoming the next Kim Kardashian or some other powerful influencer. However, it is better to focus on growing your Instagram account as a photography account instead.

Remember that Instagram is a social media platform designed for sharing videos and photographs with other people. If you are an amateur or commercial photographer, then Instagram is a fabulous way to publish your pictures for free to a worldwide audience. You could make a lot of professional contacts if you get the right people to see your work.

Of course, you need to build a loyal group of followers to your photography account so that they can see whenever you upload a new photograph. It is not so easy to become popular on Instagram, even if you have high-quality pictures to show people. You must implement specific marketing and promotional strategies to ensure your photography account gains attention.


Below are the top 8 tips for growing your photography account on Instagram. 

1. Post Frequently

If you want to attract real Instagram followers who will stay loyal to your photography account, then you must post up new content more than once per day. Kim Kardashian, for example, makes a substantial portion of her income as an Instagram influencer, but she posts to her account frequently throughout the day. It would help if you did the same.

You might not get 180 million followers as Kim has on her account, but you can still gain thousands of followers if you upload high-quality photographs regularly. Try to keep your posts within the same niche consistently. That will help you keep your followers loyal and happy.


2. Buy Instagram Followers

If you need a quick boost at the very beginning of your photography account, then do not be afraid to invest a little bit of money into getting followers quickly. When you buy Instagram followers, you start your photography account on the right track. 

People don’t usually follow photography accounts with less than 100 followers because they figure the person is a nobody in the niche. But if they see that you have more than 100 followers, they’ll be more willing to follow your account. Many Instagram follower services will sell you real Instagram followers anywhere from 100 followers to over 1,000 followers. The price is quite affordable too.


3. Define Your Niche

This point cannot be overemphasized enough. You need to define the niche of your photography account. In other words, the photographs that you upload should have a consistent theme to them. Do not upload photographs of entirely different things, such as beaches, politicians, supermarkets, and selfies. None of those have anything in common, and it will confuse people and make them want to unfollow your account. 

Since you are not a celebrity like Kim Kardashian, you cannot get away with posting photographs of yourself if there is no common niche. So, make a decision as to what type of photographs you want to take and upload to your Instagram account. Some of the most popular niches include food, architecture, sports, and travel. 


4. Reply to Comments

Your followers want to feel like they’re a part of your photography account. When you see people commenting on your posts, make sure you reply to their comments. It is essential to engage with your followers so that they know you’re reading their comments and taking them to heart. 

Sometimes you can develop relationships and friendships with your followers if you continue to reply to their comments politely and professionally. They might feel motivated to share your posts with their friends and family members too. Word-of-mouth is always an effective method for increasing the growth of your photography account on Instagram. 


5. Create a Hashtag for Your Brand

Instagram allows content creators to include hashtags in their posts. Hashtags are a powerful marketing tool because they connect all the posts with those hashtags on one searchable list. You should always include popular hashtags in your posts so that more people can find them.

In addition, you can create a unique hashtag for your brand and introduce it to your followers. Then all of your posts would be connected with this one original hashtag. What’s even better is that other users can include your hashtag in their posts as well. That way, more people can find your photography account through the posts that other users make if they include your hashtag in them. 


6. Give Your Followers the Content They Want

Instagram gives you access to powerful analytical tools. Use these tools to determine which of your posts have the most views and likes. Pay close attention to the content you included in those posts. Now try to create more content that is similar to it and post it up on your photography account. If you get the same kind of response, then keep on producing more of that type of content. 


7. Ask Questions to Your Followers

Do not always wait for your followers to comment on your posts. Sometimes it helps to encourage your followers to engage with your content by asking them questions. This strategy is another way to make your followers feel like they’re a part of your photography account.

For example, if your photography account focuses on the food niche, then ask your followers some questions about food. If you post up high-resolution photographs of a pizza, then you could ask something like, “What is your favorite type of pizza?” Wait for people to post up comments that answer the question and then reply to those comments. 


8. Use Instagram Stories 

Your followers need to see the person behind the camera. You don’t want to remain hidden from them forever. If the niche of your photography account doesn’t require you to show yourself in front of the camera, then try to add extra photographs of yourself to the Instagram Stories section. 

Instagram Stories is a unique area of your account where you can share any moment of your day that you want. The photographs that you upload to Instagram Stories do not show up on your main profile page. So, you can still maintain the current niche of your profile without ruining it. 



Hopefully, you now have a good idea of how to grow your photography account on Instagram. If you implement all of the tips mentioned above, there is no reason why you cannot have a popular photography account within 3 to 6 months. Just keep practicing these tips and never give up. 

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