How to Buy Instagram Followers

Oct. 24, 2020

How to Buy Instagram Followers

How to Buy Instagram Followers

Instagram is one of the top three biggest social media platforms in the world! There are more than 300 million active users every single day, and engagement continues to grow by more than 50% year after year. Whether you’re marketing yourself as an influencer, a business, or a themed profile, Instagram is one of the most effective platforms to gain traction and monetize an audience.


How do you stand out?  

Most viral strategies recommend that you post frequently, tap into a niche, and create high-quality content, but you’ll still need one thing: active followers. Having a high follower count is one of the most important ways to boost credibility and beat the competition.

If you need to beef up your profile statistics and create a more established persona, buying Instagram followers is the best option. It can take weeks or months to manually capture and convert users to follow your profile on your own. However, that slow process will cost you time and money.

Looking to buy Instagram followers? There’s a little bit of stigma in the social media community about purchasing followers, but it’s a very common practice. The most important thing is to buy high-quality Instagram followers that uplift your appearance and add value to your profile. Before diving into a list of best practices and tips, it’s important to understand the risks.


What happens if you buy fake bots from a low-quality website?

Don’t fall for these four traps:

  • You Might Get Scammed. Don’t spend hundreds or thousands of dollars without a guarantee. Some sites will take your money and never deliver the followers that you were promised. Even worse, some scams hurt your credibility with a huge influx of fake followers that instantly disappear after a few days.
  • You Might be Spammed. Leave your DMs open for active followers and fans! Not all companies have your best interest at heart, and some sites also use their army of bots to try to overwhelm you with spam or phish for information.
  • You Could Get Shadowbanned. ‘Shadowbanning’ means that Instagram won’t show your posts to non-followers. Purchasing low-quality bots could actually destroy your dreams of being ranked at the top of the explore page.
  • Your Account Could Be Banned. Losing your account is the worst-case scenario. Purchasing cheap bots could result in your account getting banned! Fake follower sites might keep spamming your account with bots, which puts your account at risk of being disabled and lost forever due to a policy violation.

So, is there a safe way to buy Instagram followers? Yes! Just make sure to take a proactive approach and thoroughly vet the company before you purchase it. Follow these four tips to maximize your returns and make a smart investment in your social media presence:

  • You Need Genuine Followers. Non-active followers are a huge red flag and genuine Instagram followers can only be purchased from high-quality sites. Real followers offer so much more credibility because they don’t just increase your follower count. You also need likes and comments that go a step further with real interaction.
  • Capitalize on Engagement. Instagram’s new algorithm ranks posts according to your active engagement rate. If you have a high follower count with a low number of likes, comments, and mentions, that can actually hurt you. Make sure to buy engaged followers who will really view and like your posts. As a general rule, you should aim for a high engagement rate of 3-6%. If you purchase real Instagram followers, their engagement can help you achieve that.
  • Instant Results. Don’t fall for a scam! Only buy Instagram followers from a trusted company that guarantees instant engagement and will deliver as promised. They should agree to monitor your account with quality assurance for several weeks after the order. Look for a company that offers dedicated customer service, responds quickly to inquiries, and will provide you with progress reports to track your new followers.
  • Followers Don’t Cost a Lot. Just because they’re inexpensive doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re fake. Choose wisely and order a bulk package to get thousands of followers for less than a penny each. Make sure that you find a package that fits your needs and your budget. is the best site to buy Instagram followers, and it hits every mark. Purchase genuine, engaged followers and give your profile an inexpensive upgrade. Order now and discover why hundreds of famous influencers and celebrities are already using StormyLikes for an instant follower boost.

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