Effective Methods of Engaging with Your Instagram Followers

Oct. 24, 2020

Effective Methods of Engaging with Your Instagram Followers

Effective Methods of Engaging with Your Instagram Followers

Instagram is an exceptional marketing tool for advertising a brand or a business. The social media platform does boast millions of active users daily, after all, offering a wider target market that you can tap into. But while it certainly has the potential to generate the desired profit and revenue, however, it’s the level of engagement that you have with your followers that will ultimately determine the success that you will have with this medium. To this end, here are a few ways to effectively engage with your followers on Instagram. 


1. Make sure that your posts have a Call to Action

A call to action or simply CTA as it is more commonly referred to as is an effective method to properly engage with your followers on Instagram. As its name suggests, it helps you better encourage users to something without being too blatant or direct in your approach. One good example of a call to action would be allowing your followers to take advantage of a special discount or a sale when they purchase products that you are currently offering on your website. It is much more appealing this way rather than merely uploading an image of the products because you’ve included something that can motivate potential customers.


2. Generate interesting posts that are more natural and organic rather than forced

On Instagram, the more activity that your posts elicits, the better the chances that your account will become more visible in the network. An effective way of achieving this is to generate posts or uploads that are more natural and organically interesting rather than something that is forced. If you’re in the business of selling clothing and apparel, for example, an image showing an individual wearing a shirt that you currently offer may be much more appealing and engaging rather than simply uploading a picture of the shirt on its own.

Simply put, the impact that organic content generates tends to be a lot stronger rather than those that aren’t, and investing a little more time and effort into making your posts captivating can yield far more desirable results. 


3. Create captions

Captions are often used because they generally can enhance or improve a post. They can work well as popular quotes, jokes, or simply as a means of providing an extra layer of information about an uploaded image, which in turn makes a post far more interesting and engage much more activity from both existing and potential followers alike. Time spent on creating interesting captions can pay dividends in the likelihood that the post is shared, and this can make all the difference in creating awareness and familiarity in the network on your brand or business.

One thing to keep in mind, however, is to maintain a certain level of consistency with your captions. The voice of your captions must not only suit the core of your brand or business but also have the same mood or tone. This way, you’ll minimize the chances of alienating existing followers by keeping them invested in your content. 


4. Make it a habit to respond to comments on your posts

If you’ve built a significant following on Instagram, there’s a pretty good chance that the posts you publish on the network will generate not just likes or shares but comments as well. This creates a unique opportunity to effectively engage with your followers and build a stronger bond in the process. While this may certainly sound tedious to respond to, especially once your post has been flooded with a multitude of comments, doing so will likely elicit a certain degree of loyalty towards your brand or business.

It’s important to never underestimate the power of communication and interaction. Even a short and simple response of appreciation can do wonders for the relationship that you build with your following. 


5. Host an online event or a contest that your followers can win prizes from

Creating contests or hosting online events that your followers can win delectable prizes from is another effective method of generating interest and activity for your brand. Best of all, they’re not only relatively easy to do but cost-effective as well. You can run a simple contest on the best caption, hashtag, or image relevant to your business and give away your merchandise or special discounts and gift cards to the winner. It can be enhanced and improved further by also giving those who don’t participate a chance to win prizes too simply by liking or sharing the post too.

Many of us tend to be competitive by nature, and even more like the idea of winning something. By hosting a contest, you’re taking advantage of both of these elements and generating a significant amount of towards your brand. 


6. Try to be consistent in posting

Perhaps the most difficult part of maintaining engagement with your followers is to keep their attention and interest focused on your business or brand. This is achieved not just in creating high-quality posts, but posting regularly as well. While being consistent in posting can be quite difficult, doing so makes you appear dedicated and committed to your following, which helps tremendously in staying relevant within the network. 



Instagram may be an accessible medium in creating awareness and familiarity towards your brand, and acquiring a wider target audience as a result but not without using the right approach or having a certain level of commitment towards it. Producing high quality and consistent posts that are organic and hosting contests can be extremely effective in not just generating interest but also in eliciting activity from your following and keeping them engaged with you.

At the end of the day, it’s all about putting in time and effort into the platform. The only way to see a positive ROI or return on investment is to leave no stone unturned and be as thorough as possible. Time spent on this now can mean significant growth and development for your business later on.

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