How to buy verified instagram accounts? Is that helpful for our business?

Dec. 29, 2021

How to buy verified instagram accounts? Is that helpful for our business?

buy verified instagram accounts is our today topic. Naturally, to start any kind of business, we need a good and visited place so that we can easily sell our products. Instagram is an environment where you can start your own business and easily introduce your products or services to millions of people without paying for space! But in Instagram, you must first have a good platform to display your products and services to customers, and then try to attract visitors and new customers. This platform is your Instagram page.

But what is the advantage of buy verified instagram accounts, and why do you need it so vitally?

Instagram is one of the largest and best social networks in the world, and according to the latest polls, about 30% of Iranian citizens are members of Instagram.

Any platform with a large number of users is the best place to advertise, market, brand, sell and start a whole new business. As you know, every credit on every Instagram page is the number of its followers. So the success or failure of any business on Instagram depends on the number of followers.

Having an Instagram page with a high number of followers will increase the trust between your visitors and customers to have multiple purchases of your products & it’s a good reason for buy verified instagram accounts.

Buying an Instagram account is a unique opportunity.

Definitely a big difference between a page with low followers and a page with high followers will lead you psychologically to the visitors who want to buy a certain type of product to make their purchase from you.

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Should I buy Page Fake or real?

It is better to know that buying a real page has no economic justification at all. These pages are not only expensive and rare, but also their followers are very high. In other words, people follow a page because of its content, and if the subject of the page changes, many followers will not be interested in the new topic and will unfollow that page. If you are still interested in buying the page with completely real followers, you can buy them from trustable websites.

Will these pages lose their followers?

Nope! If you continue to generate content and keep your page active, you will not experience a drop in followers.

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What is the number of followers of these pages?

Actually about to zero! All pages that are delivered to dear buyers have a very low number of followers compared to their followers.

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Who are the subject and audience of these pages?

The subject matter and audience of all pages are public and are more than just popular topics

How secure are these pages?

We will create your requested page using your mobile number and email, so there is no need to worry about security. In addition, after the delivery of the page, all security tricks will be sent to you so that you do not face any problems with the security of the page in the future.

Is all page information changeable?

By purchasing the Instagram page, all account information, including page name, bio page, account posts, and Facebook page information, can be changed according to your taste.

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How is the page delivery process?

After completing the page purchase process, the Inbo support team will be in touch with you. After making the necessary arrangements with you, the purchased page information (including username and password) will be delivered to you.

Who are these pages not suitable for?

  • People who are not looking to grow their business on Instagram
  • Users who do not have a long-term plan for Instagram
  • People who do not have enough time to manage the page

Who are these pages suitable for?

  • Product sellers
  • People who want to earn a steady income through Instagram
  • Interested people who want to share their profession on Instagram
  • People who have a long-term plan to improve on Instagram


When you buy an Instagram follower, you actually have a personal or business page and the followers will be applied directly to your page.

But when you buy an Instagram page, you buy a ready-made page with a high number of followers and there is no need to wait to add followers.

In terms of quality, there is no difference between purchased or directly added followers, and the choice between buying an Instagram page or buying an Instagram follower is up to the customer.