buy real followers on instagram 2022 , advantages and disadvantages

Jan. 18, 2022

buy real followers on instagram 2022 , advantages and disadvantages

One of the ways that some people use to boost their Instagram page is to use a solution called buy real followers 2022. You can see more and better by buying followers on Instagram, but you should know that not every type of follower can be right for you. In the following, we will examine the advantages and disadvantages of this work, as well as the common and frequently asked questions in this field.

Benefits of buying Instagram followers

1-You are seen

 The first benefit of buy real followers 2022 ON Instagram is "being seen". The more followers you have, the more likes you will have, your page will enter Explorer, and as the saying goes, the ball will not move you anymore.


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2-You are confirmed

Experience says that many people, when they want to follow or buy from a page, first look at the number of followers at the top of the page! So why not go for it when we know the increase in followers can be a seal of approval for our trust and credibility with our users.

3-You go one step higher than others

As we said, Instagram is a good platform for growth, business visibility and revenue generation, so now that it is possible, invite yourself to buy Instagram followers. Of course, be aware that buying a lot of followers at once and fake can have a huge difference between your followers and the number of likes, so do not be fooled by each follower.

Disadvantages of buying Instagram followers

The disadvantages of buy real followers 2022 are just like playing dominoes! That is, just as in this game, falling one of the pieces causes the next pieces to be damaged, here, too, the occurrence of the first problem causes other defects to be fixed.


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1-Sometimes you fall into the trap of fake followers

 If you do not pay attention to the latest advantage of buying Instagram followers, sometimes it may be one of its disadvantages! You ask why? The answer is two words: follower fake.

Fake followers will not cause any problems for your page at first, but after a while, the difference between the number of your followers and the likes you get will reveal everything, and finally Instagram will remove them from your page and bring your reputation to the same few people. The real follower you have is gone.

2-Your page is being abused

Having the destructive effect of having fake followers will not leave your head! Sometimes activating some of the bots that increase followers may actually steal your personal information, hack your page, transmit the virus to your mobile phone, or even make your account inaccessible altogether.


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3-You get distrustful in front of users

 Domino did its job and the last piece actually falls on your head. There is nothing worse than having your audience no longer trust you, and it can be very difficult, if not impossible, to regain lost credibility! Because of Instagram's competitive environment, they go to similar pages very quickly, and not at all as if you existed.

Now you may be at a crossroads? On the other hand, buying a follower makes you visible and increases your income, but hearing about its disadvantages scares you a little…, but well, there is a solution to everything.

If you want to easily increase followers! Without thinking about the disadvantages of buy real followers 2022, get help from a reputable site like "Insta Plus", which with 5 years of experience in selling real followers and gaining customers' trust, helps pages to go through the sales process much faster.

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Some important notes

*The followers that are sold on the sites, are completely real & one person is using it. So if the content which you produce is interesting to these people, you will definitely like it.

*You cant select just Iranian followers, because instagram will not allow anyone to access users private profiles.