Is it wrong to buy Instagram account?

April 5, 2022

Is it wrong to buy Instagram account?

Certainly among your acquaintances, friends, and competitors, there are people who have already bought an Instagram page and have been able to earn good money with purchased account. we cannot say it is it wrong to buy Instagram account absolutely, but at first, it's better look at the disadvantages of buying an Instagram account, which they outweigh the benefits.

Why is wrong to buy Instagram account?

One of the reasons that is wrong to buy Instagram account is that the Most of the Instagram pages that are sold have fake followers, we have even seen pages that have more than 100K followers, but the posts we see in them have received less than 100 likes. This matter indicates the page followers are fake.

In fact Fake followers do not belong to a real person and they are many bots. Of course, these bots also have the ability to leave a comment for you, but these comments cannot relevant to the specific content you have published.

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-Fakes and unrealistic followers reduce the page engagement rate

When you want to buy Instagram account pay attention to the page engagement rate. In fact the engagement rate is predictable based on the number of followers. The number of followers <1000 should have an engagement rate about 8%. For example, an account with 1000 followers should have about 40 to 80 likes. Of course, these numbers are quite approximate, but fake followers are far from these proportions, and this is quite recognizable because fake followers are not able to communicate except in random and planned cases.

-Instagram removes fake followers

It is wrong to buy an Instagram account because Instagram has been removing fake followers recently to combat clutter and reassure its real users. Suppose you buy Instagram account, and after a while you realize that your number of followers is declining. This matter owing to Instagram's tough performance in dealing with unrealistic followers. So all the costs you incur to buy instagram account with a high number of followers will be wasted.

-Legal and security problems

The Instagram account that you buy may have legal issues or may even be tracked. You cannot track all the comments that considered page has already made under various posts. But these comments may have contained immoral or disturbing content, which now ends with your name. When you buy Instagram account, you should get information from the previous contents of the page and the field of activity that it had before.

 Also, buying and selling pages on Instagram is not legal. So, you have to accept that if there is any problem with your page, Instagram will not follow-up.

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What are the benefits of buying an Instagram account?

Despite that is wrong to buy an Instagram account but there are some benefits of buying an Instagram account:

1-Starting with power

  If you are looking for attracting followers organically, you may need to spend more time getting known, but when you buy an Instagram page, without effort and with little cost, you have been able to raise the appearance of your page a few steps higher, at the level of your competitors. Also, it is a quick way that can make your face look very old-fashioned.

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2-Saving time

Attracting followers on Instagram is not an easy task definitely and it may take months for your number of followers to reach an acceptable number after a lot of marketing and advertising efforts. But when you buy Instagram account you will save your time and actually spend your time on other activities that are necessary to improve your business.

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3-Expanding the follower chain

 Instagram, like many other social networks, is based on communication. If the page followers you bought are really active, Instagram will notify their followers when they like or comment on your post, and this will increase your follower chain.

End word

Finally, keep in mind that it wrong to buy an Instagram account because you buy Instagram account you are doing a risk. Because you cannot know the followers of the page in any way. So this risk can be both a financial risk and a risk to the face of your brand. You should also know about the security of Instagram so that the previous owner of the page could not retrieve it. But the final choice and decision can vary depending on the type of your business, and your choice may still be to buy Instagram account.