Increase traffic on Instagram

June 11, 2022

Increase traffic on Instagram

There are many businesses operating on the Instagram social network, but only a few companies have succeeded in attracting Instagram page contacts and turning them into customers. In the following, we will introduce 4 strategies to Increase traffic on Instagram. These are very simple strategies that by using them, you can easily drive traffic to your website from your social platform.

Optimize Instagram bio to Increase traffic on Instagram

A major problem with Instagram is that it is not possible to put a clickable link for each post; but that does not mean you cannot get a lot of traffic to your website this way.

Bio link is one of these situations that you should pay special attention to it. To make the most of Bio Instagram, you need to manage and plan the following 3 things well:



-Profile photo

The most important part of bio textual content is that if written well, it can generate a lot of traffic to the website. There must be an appropriate call to action embedded in the text and you can use titles such as the following:

Also keep in mind that the bio link can be changed at any time, so you can use it to link to any page, such as:

-Advertising campaign page

-New products page

-Landing Page

But note that Increase traffic on Instagram through the bio link does not happen quickly and overnight, you have to be patient and change this link regularly so that your followers will notice that there is a useful link in your bio.

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Link in Instagram story

In the past, with Swipe Up, you could put links to your Instagram stories, but that required at least 10,000 followers. In order to simplify working with this popular platform to increase creativity in stories and also to create a better user experience for all users, especially start-up businesses, Instagram will officially remove the Swipe-Up feature. With doing so, ordinary users as well as businesses can put the link in the form of a sticker in the story and the audience can easily enter the desired website by tapping on the tag.

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Generate quality content to Increase traffic on Instagram

If you look at Founder's Instagram page, which has more than 1.2 million followers, you will notice that many posts have been uploaded to it. The main topic of these posts is motivational quotes for business owners.

Posts of this type on Instagram are very popular with the audience. In addition to these posts, short videos can also attract a large audience.

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Use the call to take appropriate action in captioning posts

Invite to click on the link in the bio and Invite to special interaction on the post (such as commenting, tagging friends and liking posts with different literature). You can also buy Instagram comment or buy Instagram like for calling to take appropriate action in captioning posts.

As well as interact with popular accounts to get them a post from you and you to republish a post from them to Increase traffic on Instagram.

Attract more users and invite them to engage by setting a reward for a specific action or producing content by users (UGC).

Doing so will give you two benefits. By holding Instagram contests and running an advertising campaign, user interaction and the number of followers on your page will increase.

Also, if the idea is holding a contest to submit user-generated content and award prizes to the best content submitted, you can use the quality content you receive during the contest to generate your content in the future.

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What is the impact of increasing website traffic through Instagram?

The answer to this question depends on the current amount of traffic to your website, the amount of your followers and the ratio of these two cases to each other. However, after a while, a large number of your followers will enter your site directly to read the content of the site without the need to encourage them to enter from Instagram, and will be part of the constant traffic of your website.

Is Increasing Traffic From Instagram To Website Useful For SEO?

Considering that these people create a session on your site by entering this method and their behavior statistics are checked by Google, if they have a low bounce rate and a high session duration, they can help increase the score of your pages.