Increase instagram IGTV views , enhance quality of your profile

Dec. 12, 2021

Increase instagram IGTV views , enhance quality of your  profile

Increase instagram IGTV views is our today topic. The Instagram app is usually designed to display visual content such as photos and videos. In this program, the time of videos is often less than one minute, but sometimes the video can not be played in 60 seconds and requires more time.

For videos longer than a minute, Instagram has launched a feature called IGTV. In this feature, you can also upload videos with a duration of a few minutes.

Today we want to know the methods that help you to visit IJTV and use them to increase your followers without any demending to buy Instagram followers and also make you more visible.

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1- Use of carnations to Increase instagram IGTV views

The first method for increase instagram igtv views is to use carnations. With hashtags, you can give people who have not even seen your Instagram account once the chance to see the content of your page and follow you. There are usually many people who use the Instagram search section to find the content they want. So if you can use the hashtags properly, you can also increase your IGTV visits.

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2- IGTV in Story

Have you ever seen stories in which IGTV is shared? You can also share your IGTV posts in your stories; This is one of the best ways to increase your Instagram IGTV views. IGTV posts are usually not shown to audiences; In such cases, minor problems have arisen; Now you can make IGTV available to your followers by sharing your stories.

3- Publish at the right time

One of the best ways to increase the visibility of any content on Instagram is to publish the content at the right time; The same is true of IGTVs. Try to find out the working hours of your audience and then broadcast IGTV at the same hours. This is another one of the best ways to increase instagram igtv views.

4- Followers' interests

Before posting any IGTV video content on Instagram, you need to know the audience's interests on Instagram. When one view of IGTV on Instagram increases, it is liked by the audience. When the recipient closes you have broadcast an IGTV against his taste, he will not watch subsequent IGTVs. Therefore, pay close attention to the content of your IGTVs.

5- IGTV Advertising

Did you know that you can advertise your Igtvs on Instagram? You can advertise your IGTVs on pages that have a large audience, so that even if IGTV does not receive real likes and Instagram comments, it gets a lot of views. In fact, this is one of the best ways to increase your IGTV view

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Broadcast IGTV through your own program

Most of Instagram's features today can be used through the app; But you can also publish an IGTV and increase your IGTV view on Instagram through a special program. All you have to do is join us in the following steps:


To create igtv videos, first download the igtv app and install it on your phone.

Then open the program in the second step and after creating an account, click on the + icon.

Now in this section you have to upload a video for your igtv.

At this stage, it is enough to specify a cover for your video.

Then in this section, such as creating igtv via Instagram, you must specify the title and description you want for igtv; Also in this section you can specify whether your igtv will be published in your profile as a post or not?

In the last step, just click on the post option to publish your igtv.

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The final word on increase instagram IGTV views

Increase instagram igtv views and optimizing post statistics on this social network has always been very important because Instagram has been based on video content. If you publish targeted content on your page, be sure to use IGTV posts as well. Ways to increase IGTV view include using hashtags, sharing IGTV in the story, considering the audience's interests, publishing at the right time, and also advertising it