How to create an Instagram account? - LikesWave

Nov. 10, 2021

How to create an Instagram account? - LikesWave

How to create an Instagram account?

Instagram account and being active in this platform today became one of the most popular things inside the whole social media. This is a kind of useful platform for all of the users to share videos and photos or start a new business on a small or big ground.

Now, it might not easy for some new users to create an Instagram account and enter this world. In this article, we talk about how to create an Instagram account and use different features of this platform.

Instagram; a good source of videos

Instagram is a kind of social media based on videos and Instagram account turned into a common activity for many people in the whole world. This media is released in two versions of Android and IOS platforms and can activate in the form of a web app either.

Today, according to the global report, there’s more than 500 million active Instagram account in 2018. This number is increased to more than 1 billion accounts in the whole world in 2020, and most of these users are between the ages of 18 up to 25.

So, these numbers show that Instagram account is also increasing bypassing time.

The advantages of an Instagram account

If you have been recently created an Instagram account, you already know this platform has lots of advantages and strong points. Some of these points are included in:

  • Finding new friends
  • Start a small business to make money
  • Share videos and posts for your friends and see them
  • Find your friends who are in living in other countries
  • Spend a funny time by watching the videos
  • Getting aware of news

And more other things that are helpful for the people and make a good time to spend. There’re lots of people who are starting businesses on this platform and make money.

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How to create an Instagram account?

To get this application on your mobile phone, do these steps respectively:

  • Download the app from the google play store if you’re an Android user, or from the app store in case you’re an IOS user
  • Run the application on your mobile
  • There’re two parts in the first sight of the application; if you’re a new user, press sign up, and otherwise, press sign in
  • The first box asks for an email or phone number. Insert one.
  • Insert your full name (your first and last name)
  • Create your username and a password

After inserting these boxes, your guide to another page, to insert the date of your birth. By inserting the date of your birth, you guide to a new page to confirm the confirmation code sent to your Email address. Click on next and well done.

You can add your contacts to your accounts, upload a profile photo, and complete the gender, and other information of your Instagram account. It's possible to give your phone number in completing the process of your profile.

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How to post a photo or video?

If you want to upload your home page and post something in your account, go to the home page which is shown by a home icon, press the “+” icon. You can choose the camera or gallery. Select one and guide to one of these sections. Select your photo on the gallery or take a picture with the camera.

Now, press next and go to the filter box. This is possible to choose your intended filter, set the contrast and brightness of your photo or video, or select multi photos.

Now, press next and add a caption, tag people, add location and share it with another mentioned application. Press add bottom and done.

Instagram like and comment

The Instagram account includes two main items called like and comment. You can like the posts of your friends and comment on them. These two items are the main ways to become popular on this platform and being in the top results of Instagram explorer.

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How to gain Instagram followers?

After you create an Instagram account, you can add followers from your contacts and the people that Instagram offers you itself. The follower section includes the people who follow you and the following is referred to the list of accounts and people you followed them

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Instagram account is a kind of useful platform for businesses and having a good ground and source for activations such as blogging, vining, and becoming an influencer.