Get familiar with TikTok in less than 5 minutes!

Nov. 14, 2021

Get familiar with TikTok in less than 5 minutes!

Get familiar with TikTok

Do you have any accounts in TikTok? Want to get familiar with TikTok and upload a video? This is a kind of application that is becoming popular these days and millions of users are uploading videos on this platform. TikTok includes a platform of short-formed videos which are followed different funny fields.

If you want to get familiar with TikTok and know how does it works, let’s take a look at this article.

TikTok or Instagram?

TikTok is based on short-form videos and focuses on the rhythmic types of clips that are made by users. There’re many similarities between TikTok and Instagram, so, how much the users are popular on this platform, they’re also popular on Instagram too.

Now, choosing one of these applications is not easy, particularly, for the users who are making money from these two grounds. But comparing both of these applications makes their features clear. Of course, this is out of the target for this article and the main focused topic is getting familiar with TikTok.

How to register an account?

If you want to register and create an account in TikTok, you need to follow some steps. In this part, we’ll teach you how to create one:

  • Initially, TikTok can run in three platforms, Android, IOS, and Windows, this is also can run in web version either.
  • If you use the web version, search the main website, otherwise, download the mobile application from markets.
  • Install and open the app. There’s a box to log in or sign up. Click on sign up to create a new account.
  • You guide to the next box to give your information. Insert your phone number or email and the date of your birth.
  • After that, if you continue with Email, a message will send to your inbox or in your phone number. Insert the code and click on “Next”
  • Your account is created and you only need to create a username and password.

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The first sight of this application includes profile, messages, inbox, and upload video icon. If you clock on your profile, you can go to view your profile and see the number of followers and following, the liked posts, uploaded posts, bio, and profile photo.

Like Instagram, TikTok includes a Live video icon and you can see your followers' live videos. 

Uploading a video on TikTok

To upload your videos on this platform, click the “Upload Video” icon and go to the page of uploading. This is a box of the caption to insert and write what do you think about your video, the cover box shows every section of your video, and make sure it’s uploaded completely.

Now, the user allows showing the uploaded videos in three types of modes; public, friends, and private. You can choose only one item in this box.

Inside that, there’s either another box that is showing to allow your users to comment, duet, or stitch. The comment is allowed for all types of videos, but duet and stitch are only designed for videos under 60 seconds.

There’s a “Run a copyright check”, to on or off. This feature checks your video by its sounds; if any infringement is found in your video, you can edit it. Now, finish the job and click on the “Post” icon and upload the video.

When uploading is successfully done, you can see it on your profile.

What is the “For you” icon?

There’s an icon “For You” on the top right corner. This is the home page of your account and each of recommended and popular accounts exist in this part and you watch their videos.

I want to get followers

To get followers, you can create the join links for Facebook, and other applications and find your friends. If you like to make a popular account and want to get followers fast, you can go to and see the packages of TikTok followers.

This is a fast and secure way to gain a huge number of followers to make a popular page.

Can I share my videos on other apps?

Yes, you can. Each uploaded video in your account or others can be shared on other applications. WhatsApp, Twitter, and Facebook icons are shown under the captions of videos. Inside that, there’s a link to copy and paste in other applications you want to share the video.

TikTok features

  • Switch private or public account mode
  • The easy delete account process
  • On or off the comment, mention, like, and new followers
  • Change the language of the app
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Analyze the number of likes, comments, mentions, and followers
  • Being able to upload live or short videos
  • Add filters and edit your videos before uploading