Get random Instagram comments from real account

April 11, 2022

Get random Instagram comments from real account

Instagram is the most popular social network among people and almost all users try to have a different and popular page in Instagram. If you get random instagram comments from real account you can have a popular page in Instagram. When a post is accompanied by an increase in comments, it is likely to be displayed in Explorer and will have a good result. The more people like the post and comment, we can hope that the page will become one of the most popular pages.

Instagram ranks posts and prioritizes them based on the rank each post gets. The number of likes and comments is one of the factors that affect the ranking. There are three important factors for Instagram ranking:

1- Number of likes and comments of a post

2- User interactions with previous posts

3- Time to share the post

When people are looking for following a page, they first look at how many people and at what level accepts the page. Therefore, it is very important that the number of likes and comments in a post is high. Sometimes the number of comments in a post affects the decision whether or not to follow a page.

Every comment that is submitted is the validity of the page. A high-ranking page can actually be famous for the position of a post with a large number of comments. So when you get random instagram comments from real account you actually increase the credibility of your account.

Ways for increasing Instagram comments:

1- Holding a competition

The best way you can increase your post comments is doing various contests. Contests that are selected by tagging and mentioning the winning friends are an easy way to increase comments.

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2- Asking for comments from your contacts and followers

Ask your followers for advice and opinions on various issues and problems. This is one of the ways to attract comments and in addition interact with your audience.

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3. Sharing fun and engaging content

Content that surprises the audience and excites their emotions will make them want to leave a comment on your post. A sad, disturbing article or interesting and funny facts can persuade the user to write a comment.

Having high followers and a lot of likes alone is not enough for the page and your posts published on Instagram should also have comments that are appropriate to the likes in order to create attractiveness for the audience. This problem is solved when you get random instagram comments from real account.

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Ways to get random Instagram

  • Increasing interaction rate: An important part of a page is increasing engagement rates. The interaction rate means when the Instagram post is published, the interaction rate should be measured and acceptable. For example, measure likes, comments and sharing position. In general, hashtags and all related items should be controlled. The more comments, the more people subconsciously interact with each other.
  • Increasing audience trust: The audience simply understands how many comments a post has and the more comments it has, it is more effective. Of course, the audience is related to different posts and compares the number of comments. It's important to get random instagram comments from real account toIncrease audience trust.
  • Increasing post sharing: When a post is accompanied by a large number of comments, the user becomes interested in sending the post to other people. This makes the post significant and valuable. Of course, there are many posts that have a high advertising aspect and are considered as a winner on each page.

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End word

If the comments are going to bombard only the desired page without any connection or occasion with the subject of the post, it is never a good thing. It is very important what comment and when should be applied. Whether the comment has its own executive aspect should be considered.

 With getting random instagram comments from real account, you can show that you do not have a fake and dull page, and even this matter will make your followers and even those who are new to see you, more inclined to comment And this can even increase your engagement rate and in addition it gives a better feeling to people who see your page for the first time so they follow your page better.